Cushions, blankets and throws


These are for those pop up, quirky accessories and like all our products are made one at a time. There are crawly bits; original wool felt innocence and romantic iridescent textures.
Inners cushions are not included. Our first choice of inner is made from a dust proof Percale Cotton cover filled full with either Kapok (nature friendly) or with sustainable Goose down and feathers. It is important that the inner is full for the luxurious look and feel.

100% Wool

Throws and Blankets

These individual crafted pieces are made from pure South African Merino. Soft and elegant items are also produced by felting a blend of Merino lambswool and Fine Angora Mohair. The quantity of layers of combed wool determines the thickness of the product and the soft drape and sheen becomes a delicate and luxurious fabric with a crinkle-like texture.

Recently we introduced our Veldt range. These are mimicking the fleece without having to kill the sheep. The voluptuous texture is reminiscent of days gone by where the luxury of warmth and comfort overshadows crispy lines and modern perfection. We drive into the country and collect the greasy wool from our local farmers during shearing season bringing back with us that bit of raw honesty.
Another favourite is the hand knitted throw and blanket sizes. The yarn is meticulously hand rolled, boiled dyed, sun dried, rolled up into a ball before any knitting or plaids can start with custom made needles and frames.

Wool and Mohair Blend

Wool knit