Colour & The advantages of Wool and Mohair

Colour achieved through Dyeing

Krafthaus uses Oeko-Tex Standard TM approved dye. Colour Variations and slight irregular shades may occur due to hand dyeing. Minor changes and slight inclusions on the surface are evidence of 100% natural origin of the material.
Conserving and recycling water throughout the felting and dyeing processes are observed.
Please contact us for the most current colour range.
Please note that the colour on your screen may vary from the actual product.
Custom colours may be requested.
When plant material is available we produce small quantities of wool from our own organically grown flowers, stems and roots. The current colour available is a light yellow with a tinge of green, made from Golden Rod flowers.

Colour by nature

Occasionally mixed breed sheep are sheared for their long fibres which we mainly use for custom designs; the textures are usually quite different from the Semi-Processed wool we buy in from the local mills. These could have the sheep’s natural colours ranging from light browns, slight yellowish to pitch black.

Krafthaus Texture wool natural

Wool and Mohair

Merino wool is resilient, durable, light weight and a truly prestigious fibre and by combining Merino with other fibres especially Angora Kid Mohair, a beautiful texture and sheen is created.
The Advantages of using Wool and Mohair

  • Pressed wool felts are used in various applications including fabrics for the interior industry
  • Felt, probably the first-ever wool fabric, is made by intermingling the wool fibres and compressing these into a sheet
  • An ecological insulation material
  • A versatile fabric which keeps you cool in the heat of the day and warm in the cold of the night and absorbs moisture without feeling wet
  • Science and technology have kept wool in the forefront of fabrics, adapting to modern needs without impairing its virtues
  • Fire Retardant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Wool absorbs and neutralises poisonous formaldehyde gases
  • No European animal has lived more freely, more appropriately and more ecologically
  • We support local woolgrowers and processors
  • Wool is a material which is desirable for its social, technical, ethical, sustainable and comfort values

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