About Krafthaus: House of Wool

Krafthaus is about the luxury of wool – transformed through the ancient art of hand-felting into bespoke products for interior décor and more. Wool is a natural fibre with magnificent qualities: warm, breathable, lightweight, resilient, durable, water-resistant, renewable and sustainable. It is also ideal for felting and textile development.

Different types of wool are used at Krafthaus to obtain a variety of textures. Alpaca provides warmth and strength, whilst the silky hair of young Angora goats, known as kid mohair, adds an iridescent lustre and crinkly texture. The majority of Krafthaus products are however made from South African Merino lambswool, renowned for its excellent quality, softness and beautiful finish.

Colour is another important element, with the Krafthaus palette ranging from the understated neutral colour of natural wool to rich earth tones and vibrant hues. Blankets, throws, runners, felted sheets, scatter cushions and fashion accessories are dyed by hand, using a selection of imported environmentally friendly dyes (OEKO-TEX®) that ensures quality and colour fastness.

Krafthaus was initiated by Stephanie Bentum in 1996, prompted by her passion for wool, textile and costume design, together with her experience in fashion and interior design as well as manufacturing and procurement.
Over the years, she extended the business by training a small team of assistants in hand-felting.

Some projects are delivered in collaboration with creatives and manufacturers, as suggested by the Krafthaus name and concept – inspired by the early 20th century Bauhaus movement in Germany, which combined crafts and fine arts with industry.

The Krafthaus design ethos is innovation, coupled with simplicity. The Krafthaus team is continually striving to develop new textiles and products that are not only functional, but also beautiful, luxurious and unique.

Stephanie Bentum